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Saturday, July 15, 2006


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Welcome to the


HOW THEY WORK - Tarot cards vibrate with

the energy from the querent (person asking

the question) and is amplified by the

reader. Since we are a part of the collective

conscious, a good reader can amplify the

energies to see well beyond the room.

They tap into the spirit world on occasion

and future events can be seen due to the l

ack of time in the spirit world.

THE CARDS - There are 78 cards that are

split between Major and Minor Arcana.

The 22 major cards have a bigger

significance in the reading, and a lot of

them in a single reading has very strong

meaning of many forces working for or

against the querent. The rest of the 56

cards are like a regular deck with an

extra face card. There are 4 suits

commonly known as:

Wands - matters of growth, active energy

and new enterprises.

Cups - matters of love and family.

Swords - matters of strife and conflict.

Discs - matters of money and the material world.

WARNING - When you buy a deck, it is yours.

It vibrates with your energy and wants to help you help

others. This is your deck, so do not lend it to anyone.

Tarot cards are very powerful. You can use the deck

to strongly enhance your spells like candle burning.

The main warning here is not to do negative spells with

your deck. If you do, your deck will become chaotic

and its original purpose of regular readings will

become no longer possible. You must also

destroy the deck with a spell of disenchantment and

burn them. Thus, do not use the deck for this purpose

unless absolutely necessary


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