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Saturday, January 26, 2008

What Tarot readings are and how they can help individuals, groups, countries or even the planet.

Tarot is a form of divination using a set of cards. It is so ancient, that no-one knows their origin. Arcane knowledge comes almost exclusively from ancient sources, though Edgar Cayce, Seth, Ramtha and less well known mediums have added to this body of knowledge, as have Crowley, Lovelace, and Osmon Spare. But modern day adepts seem to have personalized knowledge in a way reflective of their psyches, and although valuable, does not compare to the Tarot for its sublime charting of the archetypal. Like the I Ching, it is unsurpassed in profundity and wisdom, its principle blessing being that it is bound by the parameter of the questioner This means it cannot exceed the level of intelligence of the questioner or reader. It is therefore important when having a Tarot reading, to choose someone with the same level of consciousness as ourselves, otherwise it will be dissatisfactory. It's also important to know that Tarot cards have no power in themselves, for that lies solely within us.

The different images of the Tarot, work like a catalyst within the mind, or a key.They open specific doors to sections of 'world knowledge', (world knowledge being the sum total of everything). One could call this God, but it's worth remembering that interwoven with world knowledge, is love. Love is not the same as knowledge, but is quality and grace.

Tarot readings do not predict the future. They do not seal our fate, but show the consequence of any proposed action.They're an invaluable tool for making informed choice, adding to the process of choosing, the dimension of future. Could anything be more useful than informed choice? But how we use that knowledge is up to us.

To learn the language of symbols takes time, as one learns directly from repeating patterns and experiences. It takes a certain type of focus to collate this language, and there are no teachers. One can be aided on the unseen level to understand quickly and clearly, but any degree of internal stress will prevent this happening. Grace is the prerequisite for divination.

Tarot cards can be read in different ways. I like to use ten cards. They reflect, according to their position, immediate environment, influencing factors, secrets of the heart, and the best route home. They are spiritual, empowering, and accentuate our visionary capacity, our mind's eye. In the thousand readings I have done, there has been no woolly edge or inaccuracy. Having little trust in anything, I tend to approach things fairly scientifically, and to my surprise and delight have found the Tarot system faultless. Having an inquisitive and analytical mind, I have theories how the Tarot works, but whether those theories are right or wrong, it still works.
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